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Frequently Asked Questions about Russian Visa (FAQ's)


1. What is a Russian Visa ?

Russian Visa is a permission (endorsement) placed by officials of Russia onto passport that allows you to enter and stay in Russia for a specific period of time. This document lists entry and exit dates, your vital information, passport number, and short information about inviting party.

2. Who needs Russian Visa ?

Almost all foreign citizens regardless of age are required to have Russian Visa to enter to Russian Federation. Citizens of former USSR, except Georgia and Turkmenistan, may enter Russia without Russian Visa.

3. What is the difference between Russian tourist and business Visas ?

Russian tourist Visa is valid for no longer than 1 month, tourist visa invitations are prepared by MFA accredited tour agency in short time depending on the urgency. Russian business Visa can be valid up to 1 year. Russian business visa invitations are processed through the Ministry of Internal Affairs, this process takes longer time.

4. Do you process documents for Russian Visa from other states than NY or other country ?

Yes, we do. It doesn't matter at all where do you live in US, we work with all states. If you live outside of USA, we can help you to obtain Russian visa only in case if you are valid green card holder (US permanent resident).

5. What documents do I have to submit to get Russian Visa ?

In order to obtain your Russian Visa, you should bring or mail your original letter of invitation (see below), your valid passport, if you are not US citizen we also need a copy of your green card, completed Russian Visa application, one recent color picture, payment depending on what service do you chosen. For 1 year business multiple entry Russian visa, you have to submit the following additional documents: 1 more completed Russian Visa application, 1 more picture and recent HIV Test result (original medical statement).

6. What is the invitation letter and do I need it in order to get Russian Visa ?

The invitation letter(visa support or tourist voucher) is a special document issued by the party that invites you to Russia. The invitation is required by Russian Consulates to be able to process your visa. The invitation letter can be issued by company or organization authorized by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. ATTENTION !!! YOU DO NOT NEED TO GET A LETTER OF INVITATION IF YOU APPLY FOR ANY TYPE OF RUSSIAN VISA THROUGH OUR AGENCY. If you have alredy got the invitation letter we can process your documents anyway.


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