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Frequently Asked Questions about Russian Visa (FAQ's)


7. Do I have to buy Travel insurance in order to obtain Russian Visa ?

It depends on your nationality. If you are US passport holder, buying travel insurance is optional. It is a must to have medical insurance coverage valid in Russia for citizens of the following countries: Austria, Estonia, Lithuania, Israel, Iceland, Czech Republic, Finland, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway,Portugal and Spain. Call us to get updated information regarding travel insurance plans that are accepted by Russian Consulate. Or you can buy travel insurance online (PROTECT ASSIST is only plan accepted by Russian Consulate).

8. How long does it take to get Russian Visa ? How much does Russian Visa cost ?

Process time depends on service you choose. The cheapest price of the visa – the longest processing time. In accordance with the International Law, the Russian Consulate reserves the right to consider Russian Visa applications in certain cases as long as it feels necessary. Russian Consulate may request additional detailed information about your journey in Russia. Russian Visa price depends on it's type, validity and processing time. Please see our lowest fee schedule

9. How do I read my Russian Visa ?

Below is a standard Russian Visa. Most of the visa is written in Russian, but important areas of your visa should be reviewed anyway: Your correct name spelling and Dates of your visa validation.

russian visa sample

10. What happens if my Russian Visa application is rejected ?

Russian Visa can be denied if the Russian Consulate has serious reasons to believe that an applicant's entry into or stay in Russian Federation will not be desirable. In this case all Russian Visa fees are non-refundable.

11. What is migration card ?

Upon arriving in Russia, all foreigners are required to complete a migration card, which is used by Russian authorities to track the movements of the foreigners in Russian Federation. Migration card must be completed before foreigners are allowed to enter immigration at the point of entry. The migration card has two parts that have to be filled identically. One part of this card will be taken by the immigration officer at immigration, another one will be stamped and handed back to traveler. This part of the migration card must be kept with the traveler's passport and is often required to be returned upon the traveler's departure from Russian Federation.

12. Do I have to register my Visa while I’am in Russia and where can I do it ?

Yes, all foreign citizens arriving Russia for longer than 3 days must register their visas with the authorities within 3 business days of their arrival to final destination. If you are staying at the hotel, the registration will be done by the hotel. If you are staying at any private place your Visa must be registered at local immigration department (OVIR). If your staying in Russia doesn't exceed 3 business days, you do not need to register your visa.

13. Can I extend my Russian Visa ?

Generally, Russian tourist visas cannot be extended. Russian visa might be prolonged in case of illness, accident, etc.


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