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Visa Services

Going to visit Russia or Ukraine? We are here to help. Our company is specialized in tourism to Russia, Ukraine & other countries of C.I.S. We have been dealing with Russian , Ukrainian, Belarus, Uzbekisatn, Kazakhstan & many others Consulates across the United States. Unlike other companies we take care of your Visa process from the beginning. We prepare all necessary papers and hand-deliver your documents to Consulate without any delay as soon as we received them from you . We pick up your passport with Visa at Consulate after process completed and ship it to you same day. Save your money with our unbeatable prices, experience uncompromising customer service and have a piece of mind. Obtaining Visas on your own is a tedious and usually unsuccessful task.

Rely on BNT Travel Group. Pack the bags - We will do the rest.

To learn more about all categories of visas, requirements & fees to different countries of C.I.S click links on the right.


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